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Brooklet Elementary stands to lose $150,000 in federal funding


Free & Reduced-Meal data provides children meals but also affects our schools eligibility to provide Title I services 


Complete a Free & Reduced-Price Meal Application


As a result of many factors associated with our “new normal,” Bulloch County is in jeopardy of losing portions of its federal funding due to a smaller percentage of our community qualifying for free and reduced meals.  Brooklet Elementary faces the most significant reduction due to the fact that at the current weights, our school has fallen below the threshold to qualify for any federal funds from the Title I program.  That is a loss of close to $150,000.  


We are fearful that our community has no less need, but that due to COVID-19 and everyone being offered free meals many families have not completed the free and reduced meal applications.  If our population has shifted to the point where we do not qualify for federal funds, then we will look for other ways to meet the needs of our students.  However, if our low numbers are due to the fact that people have not been informed about the application process we would like to make a final effort to those ends. 


Please, consider completing a federal application for free and/or reduced-price lunch. It will extend through September 2021, regardless of the COVID-19 services. Use the link below.  This is something that will help our families and our school regardless of whether your student is attending in the face-to-face world or as a virtual student or if you are currently using school meals.


Complete a Free & Reduced-Price Meal Application



Although online applications are the easiest to submit, if you chose the paper route they can be submitted directly to the school upon completion.  Additional copies of these forms are available in the main office.  Applications must be received by October 31.


Posted 10/27/20