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BES Counselor's Corner

Character Education

Word of the Week

August 1 - Punctuality

August 8 - Promptness

August 15 - Ready

August 22 - Responsibility

August 29 - Respect

September 5 - Dependability

September 12 - Obedience

September 19 - Self Control

September 26 - Politeness

October 3 - Truthfulness

October 10 - Honesty

October 24 - Kindness

October 31- Thankfulness

November 7 - Generosity

November 14 - Goodwill

November 28 - Joyfulness

December 5 - Patience

December 12 - Cooperation

January 9 - Tolerance

January 16 - Consideration

January 23 - Uniqueness

January 30 - Courtesy

February 6 - Fairness

February 13 - Confidence

February 27 - Courage

March 6 - Initiative

March 13 - Self-Reliance

March 20 - Independence

March 27 - Resourcefulness

April 10 - Cleanliness

April 17 - Perseverance

April 24 - Sportsmanship

May 1 - Self-Discipline

May 8 - Patriotism

May 15 - Citizenship

May 22 - Loyalty

Mrs. Raina Mallard

School Counselor

The Brooklet Elementary School counseling program operates on the premise that each student has the potential to develop attitudes, make decisions, and change behaviors in order to become more self-directed. It works to assist students in finding the keys to success in both their academic and personal lives. At Brooklet Elementary School we are "preparing children to be life-long learners."

Schoolbus of Yellow Moving

As the school counselor, I am here to support you. I will concentrate my time and energy on the following tasks:

1. Classroom Guidance - I will visit classrooms to talk with students about various important topics including, but not limited to: Good Touch, Bad Touch (an abuse-prevention program utilized in Bulloch County Elementary Schools), Peer Relations, Character Education traits, Career Exploration, etc.

2. Small Group Counseling - I will lead small counseling/support groups of students (10 or less) in exploring topics such as divorce, anger management/conflict resolution, grief/loss, self-esteem/positive thinking, friendship, etc.

3. Individual Counseling - I will see students in private in my office when they are self-referred, or are referred by a teacher or parent. I cannot provide long-term "therapy" for individual students, but am available to listen to students' private concerns.

In addition to the above tasks, I will conduct Section 504 Plans, hold conferences with parents when requested, and be an active advocate for teachers, students, and families.

Please feel free to call or stop by my office and share your ideas.

Confidentiality is respected!

However, there are instances when confidentiality must be broken. Cases of endangerment, such as physical and sexual abuse, neglect, threatening harm to others, or suicidal thoughts are times when I have a legal obligation to break confidentiality.

Mrs. Raina Mallard
Brooklet Elementary School
600 W. Lane St.
Brooklet, GA 30415


Georgia Department of Education Career Cluster Awareness Guidance

HB 713 mandates a minimum course of study in career education in grades K-12. To support schools in fulfilling these requirements, the grade specific career awareness activities, listed as an indicator on the College and Career Ready Performance Index, have been developed to assist students with career awareness. Making successful transitions into satisfying college and career ready options are fundamental tasks. Social skills and the development of workforce readiness behaviors are crucial in career development.

Based on the National Career Development Guidelines, the Georgia Department of Education has developed seventeen (17) elementary career awareness clusters (a grouping of occupations according to common knowledge and skills) for local school systems to use as a guide to assist with the implementation of the College and Career Readiness Performance Indicators appropriate for the career awareness and career development indices. Some activities may contain more than one activity to allow for more opportunities to facilitate awareness of the cluster.

These activities will assist elementary students with:

  • developing sense of self and areas of interest
  • developing and acquiring positive attitudes
  • developing a sense of career awareness and the relationship with academics and personal interests

As a culminating activity to assist students with developing career awareness, Georgia's Career Readiness program mandates all fifth grade students create a Fifth Grade Career Portfolio. To complete portfolio requirements, each fifth grade student must write a research paper and provide a presentation on a career of interest to them. These activities help to fulfill the requirements of the College and Career Ready Performance Index.

Character Education

 Auto Be Good Logo

Auto -B- Good

These powerful little lesson-launchers will captivate your students with eye popping animation and exciting stories about the value of good character. And with 63 short stories on 21 volumes, there are more than enough for each week of the school year. This attractive and award-winning video series is turbo-charged with premium-grade values and full-throttle fun!

The Auto-B-Good video series takes place in Auto City, a metropolis where all the inhabitants are cars of all ages, makes, and models who teach valuable life lessons on what it means to be a person of good character.

Each volume in the series contains three 10 minute episodes and a teacher's guide that provides discussion questions, student interaction, and activities that support the lesson. Supplemental materials, including printable activities and classroom posters, are also available to help you extend the lesson even further.