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AR Reading Guide

Accelerated Reader @ BES

We are pleased to have our students using the Accelerated Reader program. This program involves grades K-5. Our Media Center book collection is color-coded to support this program. We have 17,178 Reading Practice quizzes, 3,131 Vocabulary Practice quizzes, 11,950 Voiced Reading Practice quizzes, 142 Other (Harcourt Series) Practice quizzes, and 15 Literacy Skill quizzes for our students to take. We have found that color-coding the Accelerated Reader collection helps students quickly locate books, which are of interest and on their independent reading level.

AR Chart




These charts are displayed thoughout the Media Center for quick student reference.

Book Spine Label

The books that are Accelerated Reader and have quizzes are marked on the spine to let students know at a glance which level they are, if they are a voiced quiz and if they have a vocabulary quiz.