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BES Technology Fair


Friday, November 11, 2016


Open to Students in Grades 3-5

  • The BES Technology Fair is open to BES students in grades 3-5.
  • Students may only enter 1 project.
  • This competition is an opportunity for students to showcase various technology projects.
  • Projects should be designed and created by students at home.
  • Some adult guidance is allowed, but judges will expect students to demonstrate that the work is their own.
  • Projects do not have to be completed before the school fair. They must be mostly complete and students should be able to explain the goal and demonstrate/describe the process that will be used to complete the project.
  • Please note that with some of the projects, the laptop/computer/device that the project is/was created on, will need to be brought to school for the judges to view the process/project. Some of these categories will be Web 2.0 Internet Applications, Non-Multimedia Applications, Digital Photo Production, etc.

  • Divisions are:

    • Division 1: Grades 3-4
    • Division 2: Grades 5-6
    • Division 3: Grades 7-8
    • Division 4: Grades 9-10
    • Division 5: Grades 11-12

IT Students.gif

Letters to parents will be sent home on Wednesday, September 30. Students are encouraged to sit down with their parent/guardian and discuss entering the technolgy fair and decide in which category they want to enter a project. Teachers have applications available for students who want to participate. We ask that students return the filled out application no later than Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2015. Once all applications have been processed, an informational letter will be sent home to let the student/parent know the expectations of the projects at our school fair. Mr. Petkewich will be meeting with each student or group of students to see how projects are progressing and give help if needed before the BES technology fair date.


  • On Friday, November 11, fair projects must be in place for judging at their assigned time. If a project needs to be brought in the afternoon before the fair, arrangements will need to be made ahead of time with Mr. Mark Petkewich.
  • The Computer Lab B, room 149, will be used and have Windows 7 computers available for students to demonstrate their projects. Please keep this in mind when building/creating projects. If a student needs another program for use, students will need to contact Mr. Petkewich two weeks prior to the fair date!! Please do not wait until the last minute, we may not have some programs installed to view projects!!
  • A team of judges will interview students and score/critique each project.
  • Decisions will be announced on Monday, November 14, 2016 and students who will be advancing to the next level (top 4) will be asked to fill out the entry form to the Bulloch County Regional Technology Fair.


Programs/Applications for Tech. Fair Projects

Some of these programs can be downloaded for free and some have a subscription/fee, and it is best to have parental/guardian supervision. We do not endorse any program in particular, these websites are just available as a courtesy.

Category: 3D Modeling

Software may include, but not limited to:

Google SketchUp 8



LightWave 3D

(Trial Offer or Student Rate)

LightWave 3D.jpg

Autodesk Maya

(Student Rate/Free)


GollyGee Blocks

(Buy It)



(Student Rate/Free)



 Category: Graphic Design

Software may include, but not be limited to:

Adobe Flash

(Free Trial)

Adobe Flash.png 

KidPix - MAC Users

(Buy It)

KidPix Logo.jpg   

Paint to Movie Maker

Microsoft Paint - Accessories/Microsoft Movie Maker


 Microsoft Icon.png


(Free, Donation Appreciated)

Scratch Logo.jpg 



(Free Basic Edition)

goanimate logo.png  


(Free/Sign-up Account)



Category: Graphic Design

Software may include the following, but is not limited to:

Microsoft Paint

(Installed on most PC's in Accessories)

 Adobe Illustrator

(Buy It)

 Adobe Illustrator.png

Corel Draw

(Free Trial/Buy It)


KidPix (MAC users)

(Buy It)

KidPix Logo.jpg

Adobe Photoshop

(Buy It)

Adobe Photoshop.png  

Adobe Free Hand

(Buy It)



Category: Digital Photo Production

Software may include, but not limited to:

Adobe Photoshop

(Buy It)

 Adobe Photoshop.png

 Google's Picasa


picasa logo.png

Corel Draw

(Free Trial/Buy It)







Category: Video Production

Software may include, but not limited to:

 Windows Movie Maker

(Free from Microsoft)


(Free - Basic/Buy It)


Pinnacle Videospin



Windows Live Movie Maker


 Windows Live icon.png


Category: Mulitmedia Applications

Software may include, but not limited to:

Microsoft Power Point

(Included in Office Suite)

AppleWorks (MAC Users)

Storybook Weaver

(BES Computers)

Storybook Weaver.jpg

KidPix  (MAC users)

(Buy It)

KidPix Logo.jpg 



(30 Trial/Buy It)





PhotoStory 3







Category: Non-Multimedia Applications

Software may include, but not limited to:

 Google Docs

 Google Suite.png

 Microsoft Office Suite

(PowerPoint, Publisher, Word, Excel, Access)



Category: Project Programming

Software may include, but not limited to: